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Cat. #001602: CAROLE LANDIS

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Highly scarce vintage inscribed fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch tan autograph album page, acquired in-person in the 1940s. In good condition. Gorgeous 1930s model and film star Carole Landis was hand-selected by Hal Roach to play the scantily-clad prehistoric heroine in his sci-fi and fantasy classic One Million B.C. (1937).  She stayed on at the studio, dubbed the Ping Girl, and headlined in classic comedies like Turnabout (1941), Road Show (1941) and Topper Returns (1941).  After a transition to Fox Studios, she starred in Moon Over Miami (1941), the thriller I Wake Up Screaming (1941), Orchestra Wives (1942), My Gal Sal (1942), and Four Jills and a Jeep (1944), based upon a book she had written, inspired by her  many tours with the U.S.O.  Alas, by the late 1940s, Landis' career had dried up, and, increasingly plagued by marital issues and personal demons, she committed suicide by overdose, aged only 29 years.  Her autograph is highly uncommon in any format.