Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #00167282: JAMES MASON

Excellent vintage 7.7 x 9.7-inch matte-finish silver-tone publicity portrait, boldly signed and inscirbed in blue fountain pen in the early 1950s. In fine condition, with very slightly trimmed borders and the writing uniformly penned against the dark fabric of his jacket, but fully legible. Three-time Oscar-nominated English film star James Mason made noteworthy contributions to the horror and sci-fi genres, with roles in Terror House (1942), The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959), The Boys from Brazil (1978), Murder by Decree (1979), and Tobe Hooper's much-loved adaptation of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot (1979).