Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #00196202223: JULIE NEWMAR

Purr-fect vintage signature in black fine-tip pen on a 3x5-inch off-white card, dating to the 1980s. In good condition and ideal for matting with a favorite photograph. After a few bit parts in films, gorgeous Julie Newmar began her ascension towards stardom in 1954, playing a gold-painted exotic dancer in Serpent of the Nile (1954) and Dorcas in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954). She went on to play Stupefyin' Jones in L'il Abner (1959), Hesh-ke in Mackenna's Gold (1959) and the villainous Catwoman on T.V.'s "Batman" (1966-1967), setting many a heart a flutter in outfits no sentient man could resist. Newmar also had memorable guest spots on "The Twilight Zone" (1963), "Star Trek" (1967) and "Bewitched" (1971).