Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #001963121: CHRIS NOEL

8x10-inch black and white chest-up portrait, signed in marker in the 1970s.  In very fine condition, with some of the writing against the busy stitch-work of her sweater, and ideal for display.  Noel was part of the gaggle of beautiful, bikini-clad blondes who romped about in the California surf in beach flicks of the 1960s, most memorably Beach Ball (1965) and Wild, Wild Winter (1965).  She went on to slightly more substantive roles in Elvis Presley's Girl Happy (1965) and The Tormentors (1971).  In 1969, her husband, traumatized by service in Vietnam, committed suicide, and she thereafter dedicated her time to entertaining troupes in enemy territory.  She developed emotional difficulties in the process, further deepened by two unsuccessful marriages, and her career was essentially over by the 1970s.  Signed material is rather scarce in any format.