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Classic Entertainment Autographs, established in 2010, is one of the world's premier sources for meticulously-authenticated autographed material in the field of vintage entertainment. We are operated by the creator of the acclaimed Classic Entertainment Autograph Database ( 10% into its development, the CEAD is already the largest and most comprehensive resource for signature exemplars in field of silent and Golden Age entertainment, tremendously facilitating authentication, appraisal and identification. Among its regular contributors are some of the best-respected auction houses, dealerships and private collectors in the industry. Classic Entertainment Autographs previously worked as a consultant for James Spence Authentication (J.S.A.) and was featured in the exclusive Great Autograph Dealers list distributed by Autograph Magazine Live in 2016.

Our online store contains a large selection of autographs for sale, including signed photos and album pages, autograph cuts, Hollywood signed contracts, and other items. While we cater to fans of horror autographs, as well as the sci-fi and fantasy genres, and mystery and crime movie signatures, including Sherlock Holmes autographs and Charlie Chan signed material, we have vintage celebrity autographs for sale from all areas of classic entertainment.  We are a heavily relied-upon source for character actor and actress signatures, and esoteric Hollywood autographs. Autograph want lists are very welcome.

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