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Below is a running list of testimonials, provided by satisfied, regular customers of Classic Entertainment Autographs. We post them here to encourage new clients by conveying our honesty and commitment to autograph authenticity; comprehensive knowledge of the field of vintage entertainment; policy of treating every buyer with hospitality and respect; and ability to help customers develop world-class collections. 

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September 18, 2016:

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Gary for over two years now, and he has never disappointed me, nor failed to amaze me. I trade with dealers and collectors alike in the U.S., Europe and Australia in the usual and not-so-usual manner. Gary is able to find the pieces others cannot and their authenticity is without question. There is a piece I looked for more than 10 years and gave up. About 13 months ago, I told Gary what I wanted and couldn’t find. It is an ultra-rare, near-impossible signature to find.This year Gary helped me acquire not one, but three pristine examples. With Gary, it isn’t about making a buck. He has a passion to help people build amazing collections. He is honest to point out which pieces are investment quality and which ones to wait on, until a better example comes. He is an educator to anyone willing to learn and to ask. I feel I am a friend more than a client, as Gary has shown concern and great compassion though some of my own personal health challenges. Gary's word is gold. When he says he will do something, he does it! Plain and simple. In the same manner, if you earn his trust, he will work with you to help get the more costly pieces rather than let you miss out. I am never hesitant to recommend him to friends in the hobby and I am first to say when you start working with Gary, he will be the first person you turn to.

Joe from Sunnvale, California

September 16, 2016:
I have been collecting autographs from Gary and his website for several years now and I am thoroughly pleased with his items listed for sale and how professionally he runs his business.  No request for a special item is too small.

Greg from Ontario, Canada

September 15, 2016:

My first experience of Gary and his amazing website came three years ago, when still very much in the infancy of collecting autographs. One particular name had eluded me in completing a movie set and without his help I'd still be searching now. Being a complete rookie with no real concept of the worth of this particular autograph, Gary could very easily have taken advantage, but he actually did the opposite and sold to me at a price lower than I was willing to pay. I continue to buy from Gary for a number of reasons. He has items no one else has, I never have to question the legitimacy of my purchases and he helps make collecting fun! Here's hoping he can continue to find me those autographs of my favourite stars of the bygone age.

Stuart from London, England

September 15, 2016:

I've been doing business with Gary ever since I began collecting over five years ago. Gary was the first connection I ever made to this hobby of autograph collecting. Through my dealings with him, I have acquired several prized and rare autograph finds that I doubt I would've come across  on my own. He is approachable, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share his insights with others. He's always been very easy to do business with and he's always gone out of his way to meticulously track down my very rare wants and expand my collection. Much of what I've come to learn about this hobby, I learned from Gary.

Paul from Florida

September 14, 2016:

When collecting autographs, it is always a pleasure to deal with people who share your passion. Gary is such a person: He's not just a dealer, but is truly passionate, reliable and knowledgeable in his field. His service has never been anything but friendly and professional. Through his many contacts, he is able to get hold of some truly uncommon authentic autographs. When you're looking for something rare or unusual, if Gary can't find it for you, probably no one else can.

Nico from Belgium

September 13, 2016:

I have been a collector of autographs for some time now. My collection varies from vintage Hollywood, Space and Big Band. I have purchased from many autograph companies in the past, some reliable, some not. Since I made my first purchase with Classic Entertainment Autographs, they are my only source now for special hard to locate and uncommon signatures. Fast response time, always a great overall experience.

Marc from Florida

September 13, 2016:

The crown jewels of my vintage autograph collection have one thing in common: They all come from Classic Entertainment Autographs. Gary offers collectors the rarest and finest pieces in the hobby due, to his painstaking research and authentication procedures and his extensive networking with the most prolific collectors in the world. It isn’t unusual to see multiple samples of some of the rarest autographs in the hobby offered on his website. Many dealers claim to sell autographs of exceptional provenance and quality, but Gary's uncanny ability to track an item through its various previous owners, right down to an estimated year it was signed, never ceases to amaze me. After years of communication about the hobby, Gary has gotten to know me as a collector and he tirelessly searches to help complete my personal want list. Because of this personalized service, my collection contains items I never dreamed of owning, such as tremendous pieces from Lon Chaney Sr., Tod Browning and more. Needless to say, I am a customer for life!

John from Connecticut

September 12, 2016:

After 47 years of collecting autographs, I have finally found a dealer with a passion for ink and paper like no other. Gary can be trusted to provide you with some of the finest and rarest authentic signatures to be found. If they exist, Gary finds them. He has obtained autographs for me in the last few years that I only dreamed of owning. A few days ago, I told him he was the Sherlock Holmes of the autograph world. Thank you for your great service, brutal honesty and for giving your clients that personal care and service that few do in our modern world.

Luis from Texas

September 12, 2016:

A word about Gary, and his impeccable autograph lists and collection-building expertise: I have collected for more than 30 years in the vintage Hollywood arena with an emphasis on horror personalities from the 1920s through the 1940s. The heart of my collection has come from Gary, who possesses a truly uncanny ability to locate and offer pieces of unsurpassed quality and value with authoritative insight as to provenance and condition. Whether a choice photograph, leaf or clip, every item is genuine and "as described", without exception. My finest and most cherished pieces were acquired from Gary, and his reliable eye and continued judgment make collecting a pleasure.

Roger from Florida