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Cat. #000306: RENEE ADOREE

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Ultra-scarce vintage signature in pencil on an irregularly-trimmed 1.5 x 5-inch portion of a pale green autograph album page, acquired in-person in 1930.  In good condition, with a gentle fleck of soiling to the upper right-hand edge.  This is just the second authentic autograph we've ever encountered of the doomed French-born silent film star whose all-too-brief film career included The Strongest (1920); Buster Keaton's Day Dreams (1922); The Eternal Struggle (1923); King Vidor's The Big Parade (1925) and Show People (1928); La Boheme (1926); Tod Browning's The Blackbird (1926) with Lon Chaney and The Show (1927); Mr. Wu (1927), also with Chaney; The Spieler (1928); The Pagan (1929); and Call of the Flesh (1930).  She died of tuberculosis in 1933, aged only 35 years, and her autograph, while highly sought, is virtually non-existent in any format.