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Cat. #000351125: JUDITH ALLEN

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Highly rare vintage black fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch tan album page, acquired in-person in 1938. In fairly good condition, with two creases traversing the page, and some light toning and soiling. Her autograph is so scarce as to render these imperfections somewhat insignificant, and it should be noted that the signature can be matted with a favorite photograph. Dubbed "The Girl with the Most Perfect Back", yummy model Judith Allen was discovered by Cecil B. De Mille in 1933, who tried his darndest to make her a star in A-level dramas and B-level oaters like The Thundering Herd (1933), The Witching Hour (1934), She Loves Me Not (1934), Shirley Temple's Bright Eyes (1934), It Happened Out West (1937), Boots and Saddles (1937), and Telephone Operator (1937). Her best work was probably opposite W.C. Fields in The Old-Fashioned Way in 1934. Alas, the public was too repelled by-- while also fascinated with-- Allen's stormy personal life, which included four failed marriages, two to hotheaded boxing champions. She all but abandoned Hollywood in the early 1940s, embarking on an equally unsuccessful career as a nightclub singer.