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Cat. #000422121: IRVING BACON

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EXTREMELY rare original vintage day player agreement for Up in Arms (1943), boldly signed in pencil at the time of the filming. In good condition and accompanied by a computer-printed image of the star. This is just the second example of his autograph we have encountered in over 35 years! All-purpose character actor Irving Bacon appeared in a whopping 500 films. He made his debut at Keystone Studios in 1913, where his athletic prowess and scrawny, goofy features made him a natural for slapstick comedies. He went on to play an endless string of shopkeeps, soda jerks, rustics, office clerks, cops, and other supporting characters in too many classic films to list, including the recurring role of the clumsy, idiotic postman in the Blondie film series of the 1930s and 1940s. His autograph is highly sought by collectors of signatures of the cast of Gone with the Wind (1939), in which Bacon played a Corporal.