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Cat. #000440211: TREVOR BARDETTE

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Extremely uncommon vintage inscribed signature in blue ballpoint pen on a 5x5-inch portion of the white verso of a movie still, trimmed away by the previous owner.  In good condition, with a touch of edge wear.  Wavy-haired, articulate, soft-spoken character actor Trevor Bardette was one of Hollywood's all-time great western and cliffhanger villains.  Although he did occasionally play sheriffs, rustics, frontiersmen, or heroes' sidekicks in oaters of the 1930s, his hard features and cold, deep-set eyes ensured that he would invariably be cast as ruthless heavies, sneaky spies, swindlers, gangsters, and double-crossers.  His work in non-western genres included classic films like Jezebel (1938), Marie Antoinette (1938), Gone with the Wind (1939), Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939), Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), Topper Returns (1941), Dick Tracy (1945), and Dragonwyck (1946), as well as the B-horror and sci-fi flick The Monolith Monsters (1957) and the "One More Pallbearer" episode of T.V.'s "The Twilight Zone" (1962).  This is just the fourth example of his autograph we've ever encountered.