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Cat. #0004512122: JOHN BARRYMORE

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Rare, early black fountain pen signature, showing the format of his autograph associated with the mid- to late 1920s, on a roughly 1.5 x 4.5-inch tan clip. In fine condition, with mounting remnants on the verso and light toning in spots. Perhaps as a sort of rebellion against the fuss surrounding his good looks, dashing stage and screen star John Barrymore intentionally sought out roles demanding physical distortion, grotesque make-up or floridly bizarre behavior. He found his starring roles in the horror classics Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) and Svengali (1931) far more gratifying than his wildly popular turns in Don Juan (1926) and Grand Hotel (1932). He was also memorable as the crazed puppeteer Vladimir Tsarakov in The Mad Genius (1931) and Professor Gibbs in The Invisible Woman (1940).