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Cat. #000525411: LISA BONET

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Surprisingly uncommon 8x10-inch black and white portrait in her prime, boldly signed with her name alone in black marker in the 1980s.  In good condition, with one minute handling ding, invisible when the photo is viewed head-on.  Gorgeous Black actress Lisa Bonet played Denise Huxtable on the T.V. sitcoms (1984-1991) and "A Different World" (1987-1988), shedding her goody-two-shoes persona in Angel Heart in 1987.  Despite considerable acting talent, her career was was impeded by a number of personal problems, including a stormy marriage to singer Lenny Kravitz.  By the early 1990s, she was working only sporadically, with memorable appearances in Dead Connection (1994), High Fidelity (2000) and Biker Boyz (2003).