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Cat. #00060512: PIERRE BRASSEUR

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Ultra-rare vintage signature in ballpoint pen, adding warm sentiments in French, on a 7x5-inch pale orange autograph album page, acquired in-person in the 1950s and decorated with a magazine image.  Two gentle vertical folds, made by the original collector; otherwise, in good condition for its age.  Marvelous, French-born Pierre Brasseur is had leading roles in four internationally renowned classics:  Marcel Carne's Port of Shadows (1938) and Children of Paradise (1945), Phillipe De Broca's King of Hearts (1966), and Georges Franju's cult horror masterpiece Eyes Without a Face (1960).  In the latter, Brasseur unforgettably portrayed a psychopathic surgeon who lures young women to his stately mansion, drugs them, and carefully removes sections of their skin, subsequently grafting them to his masked daughter's damaged face.  A genuinely bone-chilling performance!