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Cat. #0006111132: JEREMY BRETT & DAVID BURKE

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Extremely uncommon pair of vintage signatures in blue ink on a 5 x 5.5-inch pale yellow album page, with Burke adding "Dr. Watson" to his autograph, acquired in-person during the run of Grenada's beloved Sherlock Holmes series of the 1980s. We have never seen an album page co-signed by both stars. In very good condition and ideal for matting with a favorite photograph.  Classically handsome English-born Jeremy Brett was arguably the definitive onscreen Sherlock Holmes.  He died of heart failure at the age of 61, after years of eluding fans and using secretaries to answer his fan mail, and this is a nice, incontrovertibly authentic exemplar.  Burke was the first actor to portray Dr. Watson in the series, later replaced by Edward Hardwicke, and his signature is the more uncommon of the two.