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Cat. #000612321: CHARLES BRONSON

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Scarce vintage 8x10-inch black and white portrait, boldly signed and inscribed in black felt-tip marker in the early 1980s. In very fine condition. Steely-eyed, no-nonsense Charles Bronson made several contributions to the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres early in his career, memorable as Vincent Price's evil assistant in House of Wax (1953) and The Man on an episode of T.V.'s "The Twilight Zone" entitled "The Two" (1961). Never a favorite of critics, he was wildly popular with audiences for his tough guy antics in testosterone-soaked action, western and crime films like Vera Cruz (1954), Target Zero (1955), Run of the Arrow (1957), Machine-Gun Kelly (1958), The Magnificent Seven (1960), The Great Escape (1963), The Dirty Dozen (1967), Guns for San Sebastian (1968), Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), Rider on the Rain (1970), Red Sun (1971), The Valachi Papers (1972), Chato's Land (1972), The Mechanic (1972), The Stone Killer (1973), Mr. Majestyk (1974), Hard Times (1975), Breakheart Pass (1975), From Noon Till Three (1976), Telefon (1977), 10 to Midnight (1983), The Evil That Men Do (1984), Assassination (1987), Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (1989), Act of Vengeance (1986), The Indian Runner (1991), and Family of Cops (1995) and its two sequels (1997, 1999). Perhaps his best-known role was that of mild-mannered architect-turned-bloodthirsty vigilante Paul Kersey in the five-installment Death Wish film series if 1974 through 1994.