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Cat. #0006212211: TOD BROWNING

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Ultra-, ultra-rare and quite beautiful heavy pencil signature on the flyleaf of one of his personally-owned books, measuring approximately 5x7 inches. In good condition, with a newspaper clipping pasted above the writing and some gentle toning. Superb for matting. Note that the image of the icon shown alongside the scan of the autograph here is not actually included with the item. Pioneering, macabre film director Tod Browning helped to create the horror, mystery and crime film genres. He is remembered for his ten-movie collaboration with Lon Chaney, including The Unholy Three (1925), The Black Bird (1926), The Unknown (1927), the lost London After Midnight (1927), and Where East Is East (1929); The Thirteenth Chair (1929); the first sound version of Dracula (1931) and Mark of the Vampire (1935), with Bela Lugosi; the cult classic Freaks (1932), which was so frightful that 20 minutes were cut from the U.S. release and it was completely banned in Britain; and The Devil Doll (1936) with Lionel Barrymore as a cross-dressing, murderous toy maker. This is one of a small handful of examples of his autograph to have surfaced anywhere-- even at auction-- in the past several decades.