Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #00080712: ART CARNEY

Choice 8x10-inch black and white 1950s publicity portrait, boldly signed with his name alone in blue felt-tip marker in the 1980s. In good condition. After making his bones as a comic singer with the Horace Heidt Orchestra, versatile Art Carney entered the then-new medium of television as a character actor, earning six Emmys for his work on various dramas and sitcoms.  He was equally adept at  tackling both highly serious and insanely goofy roles, unforgettable as the Kramden's beloved, featherbrained upstairs neighbor Ed Norton on T.V.'s "The Honeymooners" (1955-1956); in the "Night of the Meek" episode of "The Twilight Zone" (1960); as the villainous Archer on "Batman" (1966); and in the film Harry and Tonto (1974), for which he received an Academy Award.