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Cat. #001040114: IRON EYES CODY

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Bold signature in fine-tip pen on a 3x5-inch light blue card, acquired in-person in 1991.  In very good condition and suitable for matting with a favorite photograph.  Espera De Corti, the Louisiana-born son of Italian immigrants, reinvented himself as Native American Iron Eyes Cody and entered films in 1926.  He appeared in make-up and headdresses in nearly 200 movies, sometimes serving as a stunt double, including The Scarlet Letter (1934), the horror film The Return of Chandu (1934), The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935), Annie Oakley (1935), The Phantom Rider (1936), Custer's Last Stand (1936), The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936), Santa Fe Trail (1939), They Died with Their Boots on (1941), Can't Help Singing (1944), Sitting Bull (1954), A Man Called Horse (1970), El Condor (1970), Greyeagle (1977), and Ernest Goes to Camp (1987).  He was also memorable on countless television episodes, and as the Crying Indian in the "Keep America Beautiful" ads of the 1970s and 1980s.