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Cat. #0011552: PATRICIA CUTTS

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Extremely uncommon vintage inscribed signature in blue ballpoint pen on a 4x5-inch white autograph album page, acquired in-person during the run of the play "Any Wednesday" in 1964.  In very good condition, with signatures of Christopher Plummer and Tammy Grimes on the verso.  This is just the second autograph we've ever encountered of the comely actress who, after a decade of bit parts in films like I Was a Male War Bride (1949), Merry Andrew (1958), Battle of the Coral Sea (1959), and North by Northwest (1959), starred as Isabel Stevens Chapin in the William Castle cult horror classic The Tingler (1959).  She went on to play Blanche Hunt on "Coronation Street" (1974).  Cutts was long plagued by personal problems, including running away from a boarding school as a teen, alcoholism, and legal charges for a near-fatal hit-and-run in 1958.  In 1974, she committed suicide by barbiturate overdose, aged only 48, and her autograph is virtually non-existent in any format.