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Cat. #00116571: JANE DARWELL

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Highly scarce vintage black fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch light orange autograph album page, acquired in-person in the 1930s. In good condition and nice for matting with a favorite photograph. Formidable stage and screen star Jane Darwell was equally adept at leading and character roles, typically cast as kindly, self-sacrificing mothers or dowdy society types. Among her over 200 silent and early talkie movie credits are Gone with the Wind (1939), in which she played Mrs. Merriwether; her Oscar-winning turn as Ma Joad in The Grapes of Wrath (1940); an against-type role as the shrewish Ma Grier in The Ox-Bow Incident (1943); the part of a prison matron in the B-movie Caged (1950); and the key role of the old woman feeding pigeons on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral in the Disney beloved Mary Poppins (1964).