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Cat. #0012241: PATRICK DEMPSEY

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Unusually early handwritten, signed quotation in black fine-tip pen on a 3x5-inch white card, dating to the very onset of his career in the mid-1980s, attained by fellow actor and autograph collector Peter Hansen. In good condition, with an extremely minor crinkle to the center of the bottom edge, which could easily be trimmed away or matted out. Patrick Dempsey has lived two charming but separate lives on film and television, morphing from the exuberant, awkward star of comedies and horror flicks like Heaven Help Us (1985), The Stuff (1985), Meatballs III (1986), Can't Buy Me Love (1987), and Loverboy (1989) into the wavy-haired, square-jawed heartthrob of the hit series "Once and Again" (2000-2002) and "Grey's Anatomy" (2005-2013). Following Dempsey's unexpected comeback in the new millennium, his autograph has, understandably, become far more difficult to come by.