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Scarce vintage black fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch white card, acquired in-person by busy autograph hound John Virzi in the 1960s and decorated with a Players Directory image. In very good condition and nice for matting with a favorite photograph. Dazzling blonde model and actress Constance Dowling-- a sort of second-tier Veronica Lake-- came to Hollywood in 1944, starring in Knickerbocker Holiday and Danny Kaye's Up in Arms. She had an icy, disturbing air about her that didn't quite spell musical comedy, and it was rapidly realized that she was better-suited to play scheming femmes fatales in noir and crime films like Black Angel (1946), Blind Spot (1946) and The Flame (1947). Following a series of forgettable films shot in Italy, she starred in Herbert L. Strock's cult horror flick Gog (1954) and then vanished from the screen. Dowling died tragically of a heart attack at the age of 49 and her autograph is highly elusive in any format.