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Cat. #001322202: PAUL DUBOV

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Scarce vintage fountain pen signature on a 3x5-inch tan card, acquired in-person in the 1950s.  In good condition, with the faint remnants of an inscription, which the previous owner removed using an airbrush, not affecting the actual autograph.  Never a leading man, Paul Dubov was the quintessential utility player, able to convey characters of virtually any age or ethnic range from 1938 through his death at the age of 60.  Beyond his countless film and television credits, he is especially remembered by fans of the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres for his roles in The Atomic Kid (1954), Day the World Ended (1955), The She-Creature (1956), Voodoo Woman (1957), Atomic Submarine (1959), The Underwater City (1970), and Crash! (1977), as well as the classic episode of "The Twilight Zone" entitled "The Bard" (1963).