Classic Entertainment Autographs


Uncommon signature in marker on a 3x5-inch green card, attained in the early 1990s.  In very good condition and suitable for matting.  A master equestrian, he spent the first three decades of his career appearing unbilled in horse-racing scenes and cavalry charges, first as a general rider, and later as a stuntman for Roy Rogers, Gary Cooper and others.  During this period, he had small roles in classic films like A Day at the Races (1937), Gone with the Wind (1939), Mighty Joe Young (1949), and The Ten Commandments (1956).  It wasn't until Farnsworth was over 50 that his natural talent for acting, and ease and warmth before the camera became apparent, and, when he snagged an Oscar nod for his work in Comes a Horseman (1978), it came to a surprise to many in the industry that this "newcomer" had been around since the 1930s.  He went on to fine work in films like The Grey Fox (1982), The Natural (1984), Anne of Green Gables (1985), Misery (1990), and The Straight Story (1999).  He appeared in two horror flicks, Chamber of Horrors (1966) and Highway to Hell (1991).  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Farnsworth committed suicide by shotgun in 2000, aged 80 years.