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Cat. #00142233111: ANITA GARVIN

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Highly rare vintage black felt-tip pen signature on a 4x6-inch orange card, acquired in-person by inveterate collector John Virzi in 1988. In very good condition and ideal for matting with a favorite photograph. Lovely, dark-haired Anita Garvin, who began her career as a Mack Sennett bathing beauty and Ziegfeld showgirl, is best known for her portrayals of the shrewish wife of Stan Laurel in 11 Laurel and Hardy films of the silent and early talkie eras, including Sailors Beware (1927), Soup to Nuts (1928), Their Purple Moment (1928), A Pair of Tights (1929), and Blotto (1930). She was also memorable in comedies starring Charley Chase, Our Gang and the Three Stooges before her early retirement in 1940, after which she essentially vanished. This is one of only a small handful of examples of her autograph we have ever encountered.