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Cat. #00142312211: PAULETTE GODDARD

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Yummy vintage borderless 8x10-inch glossy portrait in her prime, boldly signed in black felt-tip pen in her later years. In good condition, with a tiny bit of soiling in the bottom area, which is barely detectible. After gaining fame as a Broadway chorus girl, gorgeous Paulette Goddard appeared as an extra in several Hal Roach two-reel comedies and Eddie Cantor's Kid from Spain (1932), wearing a blonde wig over her naturally raven-black hair. Her career went into full gear when she met Charlie Chaplin, who was looking for an unknown actress to play the Gamin in his 1936 masterpiece Modern Times. Struck by the actress's breathtaking beauty and natural comic sense, Chaplin not only cast her in the film, but made her his wife.  While Goddard went on to give expert performances in such films as The Young in Heart (1938), The Women (1939), and the horror flicks The Cat and the Canary (1939) and The Ghost Breakers (1940), she was unable to secure the coveted role of Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind (1939), despite her husband's influence in Tinsel Town. After their charming work in The Great Dictator (1940), which gave no hint whatever of their off-screen marital problems, the two divorced. She would never again make a film of note, with the possible exception of Bride of Vengeance in 1949, in which she played Lucrezia Borgia.  By the 1950s, she was entirely relegated to demeaning "B" pictures like Vice Squad (1953), Sins of Jezebel (1953) and Babes in Baghdad (1953).