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Cat. #00142422: C. HENRY GORDON

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Scarce vintage fountain pen signature on a 1.25 x 3.25-inch tan card, acquired in the 1930s. In very good condition and ideal for matting. Note that the image of the star shown alongside the scan of the autograph here is not actually included with the signed item. While occasionally cast as benevolent police officials or army officers, C. Henry Gordon was in his proper element when playing oily, duplicitous villains, creating an unforgettable array of gangsters, treacherous businessmen or evil rulers in the Charlie Chan film The Black Camel (1931), Mata Hari (1931), Kongo (1932), Miss Pinkerton (1932), Rasputin and the Empress (1932), Scarface (1932), The Devil's in Love (1932), Thirteen Women (1932), The Strange Love of Molly Louvain (1932), The Crooked Circle (1932), Penthouse (1933), Whistling in the Dark (1933), The Women in His Life (1933), Death on the Diamond (1934), Stamboul Quest (1934), Fugitive Lovers (1934), Hide-Out (1934), The Great Hotel Murder (1935), Love Letters of a Star (1936), The Charge of the Light Brigade (1937), Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937), Trapped by G-Men (1937), Sophie Lang Goes West (1937), Tarzan's Revenge (1938), Invisible Enemy (1938), Yellow Jack (1938), The Black Doll (1938), Charlie Chan in City in Darkness (1939), Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum (1940), Women in Hiding (1940), and You, the People (1940).  He died following a leg amputation at the age of 56.