Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #0014542: LORNE GREENE

Uncommon vintage signature in black fountain pen on a roughly 2x5-inch portion of a mustard yellow autograph album page, acquired in-person in the 1950s. In good condition and ideal for matting. Character actor Lorne Greene began his career as a newscaster in his native Canada, where he gained fame for his rich, deep, authoritarian voice. The latter served him well after his transition to television and film work in the late 1940s, first as a narrator, and then as a performer. Despite his long and varied career, he will always be remembered for his portrayal of Ben Cartwright on nearly 450 episodes of the hit show "Bonanza" (1959-1973). He also played Commander Adama on T.V.'s beloved sci-fi series "Battlestar Gallactica" (1978-1979).