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Cat. #001476202: JON HALL

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Nifty vintage 7.5 x 9.50-inch black and white Samuel Goldwyn publicity portrait, boldly signed and inscribed in black fountain pen in-person for an inveterate New York City-based collector in the 1930s. In good condition and not trimmed, as one might imagine given the dimensions. Billed under his birth name, Charles Locher, through 1937, rugged matinee idol Jon Hall is remembered for his numerous pairings with Maria Montez in technicolor fantasy films like Arabian Nights (1942), White Savage (1943) and Cobra Woman (1944). He is also remembered by horror and sci-fi buffs for his starring roles in Invisible Agent (1942), The Invisible Man's Revenge (1944), The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965) and The Navy vs. The Night Monsters (1966).