Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #001506: DOLORES HART

Peachy 8x10-inch black and white pin-up swimsuit portrait, boldly signed with her name alone in black felt-tip pen in the 1990s, during a rare public appearance outside of the convent, where she is now a nun. In very fine condition. Attractive leading actress Dolores Hart was memorable in Wild Is the Wind (1957), the Elvis Presley classics Loving You (1957) and King Creole (1959), and Where the Boys Are (1960).  Her pious, reverent comments to interviewers while filming 1961's Francis of Assisi may have seemed like so much hype to Tinseltown cynics, but, as it turned out, Hart's religiosity was quite sincere. In 1963, she renounced her $50,000-per-picture career to enter a Benedictine order of nuns in Connecticut.