Classic Entertainment Autographs


Exceptionally rare vintage deckle-edge 11x14-inch sepia-tone portrait by James Manatt, signed and inscribed in black fountain pen at the time of his 75th birthday bash in 1938: "Dear Mary - A souvenir of the seventy-fifty birthday celebration from your old friend - and old is the right word - William Randolph Hearst / Best wishes for every happiness for you and Bill." This is just the second authentic autographed photo of the businessman and newspaper magnate who inspired Orson Welles' Citizen Kane (1941)! In good condition, with discoloration along the bottom third of the right edge; a noticeable vertical bend at the top center, flanked by two much milder and smaller bends on either side; and almost all of the borders apparently trimmed away, but, oddly, the deckling fully present.