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Cat. #0015151: WILLIAM HICKEY

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Surprisingly scarce inscribed ballpoint pen signature on a 4x6-inch tan autograph album page, acquired in-person following a play performance in the 1950s.  In good condition.  Gaunt, gravelly-voiced character actor William Hickey excelled at playing macabre eccentrics and wizened criminals, with memorable roles as a crooning drunk in Mel Brooks' The Producers (1969); Don Corrado Prizzi in Prizzi's Honor (1985), for which he snagged an Oscar nod; Ubertino da Casale in The Name of the Rose (1986); Andre Toulon in the horror flick Puppet Master (1989); the cigar-puffing, toupee-sporting Uncle Lewis in Christmas Vacation (1989); retired gangster Billy Sparrow in My Blue Heaven (1990); Dr. Finkelstein in The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993); and Rudolph Smuntz in Mousehunt (1997).