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Cat. #00156610221: MARTHA HYER

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Lovely 8x10-inch black and white portrait in her prime, boldly signed later in life in blue marker.  In mint condition.  Dubbed "Universal's answer to Grace Kelly", the breathtaking leading lady was memorable in Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (1953), Down Three Dark Streets (1954), the sci-fi classic Riders to the Stars (1954), Sabrina (1954), Cry Vengeance (1954), Francis in the Navy (1955), Showdown at Abilene (1956), Battle Hymn (1957), Houseboat (1958), and Some Came Running (1958), snagging an Academy Award nomination for her knockout performance in the latter.  Afterwards, Hyer's stint on the silver screen began to dwindle, and she would only appear in a handful of films, including First Men in the Moon (1964), John Wayne's The Sons of Katie Elder (1965) and the horror flick Picture Mommy Dead (1966).