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Cat. #00157222: SI JENKS

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Highly scarce vintage blue fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch light blue card, acquired in-person by inveterate autograph hound John Virzi in his later years and decorated with a small Players Directory image. In good condition, with a few negligible surface creases.  After years on the circus and vaudeville circuits, Si "Rawhide" Jenks played grizzled, toothless codgers in scores of Hollywood westerns, most notably the Tim McCoy series of the 1930s. In non-westerns, he played town drunks, hillbillies and Oldest Living Citizens, typically with names like Homer and Zeke. He made a number of contributions to the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery genres, including The Murder in the Museum (1934), Charlie Chan's Courage (1934), Life Returns (1935), Fury (1936), Topper (1937), Road to Alcatraz (1945), and Manhunt of Mystery Island (1947). Gone with the Wind (1939) enthusiasts may remember him in a small role as a Union soldier in that beloved film.