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Cat. #0016455: H.P. LOVECRAFT

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Exceptionally scarce, historically significant and, at turns, somewhat bizarre handwritten letter to fellow horror author Robert Bloch, author of Psycho (1959), on opposite sides of an approximately 5.5. x 9-inch sheet of tan stationery, signed phonetically "Ech-Pi-EL" (e.g., H.P.L.), and signed a second time with his full name ("H.P. Lovecraft") on the accompanying envelope, where he has also added a post-script.  Postmarked Christmas Day in 1933, the writer goes on at great length about a number of personal and literary subjects, thanking Bloch for some pictures, to be added to the "Bloch wing of our gallery" of a new home; proposing to send him an "FF" of "(The) Other Gods" and elaborating about the subject; mentioning the forthcoming publication of a pulp entitled "Unusuals"; expressing interest in doing biographical sketches of "weird (tales) writes"; inquiring about Bloch's interest in "The Quill"; giving a negative review of "Henry VIII"; lending his view of "Berkeley Square" and how it affected him; and giving his disparaging views on drugs and alcohol, which he opines undue the progress of evolution. In the note added to the envelope, he writes six lines about "Kadath".  American author H.P. Lovecraft achieved posthumous fame as one of the 20th century's most significant and influential authors in the genres of horror, sci-fi and fantasy-- THE greatest, according to Stephen King.  During his lifetime, he was virtually unknown, publishing his short stories, novels and novellas in pulp magazines, including the masterpieces "The Call of Cthulhu" and The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.  While he is known to have kept up voluminous correspondences with friends, this is just the second authentic example of his autograph we have seen surface in three decades-- You will not see another for sale anytime soon.