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Cat. #00164712: JAMES B. LOWE

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Odd format, but who cares?! Up for grabs is this absolutely impossible to find vintage black fountain pen signature on a roughly 4x7-inch irregularly-trimmed portion of what was once a sepia-tone portrait, boldly signed for a personal friend in 1922. Just the second example we have encountered in over 35 years, in good condition, beyond the unusual shape. Note that the image of the star shown here alongside the scan of of the autographed piece is not included. Imposing, mesmerizing black stage actor James B. Lowe appeared in five silent films, making history with his leading role in Universal Studios’ 1927 adaptation of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, directed by Harry Pollard. Other than Paul Robeson, Lowe was the only African American actor to star in a Hollywood film with white actors in the lesser roles.