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Cat. #00166214: ROBERT "BIG BUCK" MAFFEI

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Extremely rare program for "As It Might Have Been: A Western Review", boldly signed and inscribed in blue ballpoint pen: "To Bro. Bill + Sister Charlotte, Lot of luck, your Big Bro Buck".  In good condition, with a faint crease down the center and two nicks to the upper left-hand and right-hand corners.  Note that the images accompanying the signed item here are not included.  7-foot-one, 400-pound character actor "Big Buck" Maffei played Andex the Giant in Atlantis, the Lost Continent (1961), the Giant Cyclops on multiple episodes of T.V.'s "Lost in Space" (1965) and the rock-hurling Creature in the "Galileo Seven" episode of "Star Trek" (1967).