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Cat. #001731201: MARVIN MILLER

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Scarce 8x10-inch black and white publicity portrait, boldly signed and inscribed in black felt-tip marker in the 1980s. In good condition, with a small PSA/DNA authentication sticker affixed to the lower right-hand corner. Blessed with a mellifluous speaking voice, Marvin Miller proved the quintessential villain on countless radio programs of the 1930s and 1940s. With his transition to films in 1945, his steely eyes and heavyset build lent him an even more despicable air, and he was unforgettable as Yamada in James Cagney's Blood in the Sun (1945) and the sadistic henchman in Humphrey Bogart's Dead Reckoning (1947). He was a regular contributor to the horror, sci-fi and fantasy movie and television genres, famously voicing Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet (1956), and either acting in or narrating Red Planet Mars (1952), "Space Patrol" (1952-1954), Godzilla Raids Again (1955), King Dinosaur (1955), Gerald McBoing! Boing! on Planet Mars (1956), The Sword and the Dragon (1956), The Story of Mankind (1957), The Deadly Mantis (1957), The Invisible Boy (1957), Panda and the Magic Serpent (1958), Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959), The Day the Earth Froze (1959), The Phantom Planet (1961), Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965), "Batman" (1965), Gammera the Invincible (1966), "Aquaman", Blood of the Iron Maiden (1970), Tidal Wave (1973), Fantastic Planet (1973), "Land of the Lost" (1975), "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl" (1976), Empire of the Ants (1977), "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman" (1978), Kiss Daddy Goodbye (1981), and Gremlins (1984), in which he lent his voice to Robby for the last time. His most celebrated role was that of Michael Anthony, secretary to the "late, fabulously wealthy John Beresford Tipton" on T.V.'s "The Millionaire" (1955-1960), who doled out one million-dollar checks to unsuspecting fictional recipients on a weekly basis.