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Cat. #00173933: ELAINE MOREY

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Exceedingly rare typed 1941 letter to inveterate collector Mildred Eddy, boldly signed with her authentic-- not her secretarial-- autograph in green fountain pen. In good condition, with light mailing folds. Note that the image of the star shown here alongside the scan of the autographed item is not included. Later briefly billed as Janet Warren, gorgeous Universal Studios supporting actress Elaine Morey had roles in The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), the Charlie Chan films The Jade Mask (1945) and The Shanghai Cobra (1945), Fear in the Night (1947), and A Double Life (1948). She vanished from the screen-- and from the face of the earth, it seems-- in the late 1940s and this one of the only examples of her autograph we have ever encountered, with the last one we saw selling for nearly $200.00.