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Cat. #00189311: HARUO NAKAJIMA

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Scarce 11x14-inch black and white shot in-costume as Godzilla, the city-trashing reptile he played in twelve horror, sci-fi and fantasy classics from 1954 through 1972, boldly signed in blue felt-tip marker. In very good condition. Japanese actor Haruo Nakajima experienced burns, electric shocks and near-suffocation in the role, similarly suffering while donning over-the-top rubber costumes to play Radon in Rodan (1956), the Transitional Vapor Man in The Human Vapor (1960), a giant larva in Mothra (1961), the walrus-faced Magma in Gorath (1962), Baragon in Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965), the titular ape in King Kong Escapes (1967), and the flying lion and giant rat in Latitude Zero (1969).