Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #001963124: MAIDIE NORMAN

Extremely rare vintage inscribed black fine-tip pen signature on a 4x6-inch pink autograph album page, acquired in-person by inveterate autograph hound Edward Gelman in 1978. In good condition and nice for matting with a favorite photograph. Veteran Black character actress Maidie Norman is probably best remembered as Elvira Stitt, Joan Crawford's nosy friend who gets bludgeoned to death with a hammer by Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962). She was elsewhere noteworthy in The Burning Cross (1947), Manhandled (1949), The Well (1951), Tarzan's Hidden Jungle (1955), Man with the Gun (1955), and Written on the Wind (1956), as well as on T.V.'s "The Twilight Zone" (1964), in the much-loved episode "The Masks."