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Cat. #00199133211: HELEN PARRISH

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Highly scarce vintage black fountain pen signature on a 4x6-inch tan album page, acquired in-person in 1942 and decorated with a small magazine image of the star. In good condition for its age. Helen Parrish made her first appearance onscreen in 1927 at the age of five and worked steadily for the next decade. In 1938, she was paired with Deanna Durbin, as her nasty teen rival, in Mad About Music, and they would be teamed together in two additional features. She became a leading lady in her own right in the 1940s, chiefly relegated to B pictures such as You'll Find Out (1940) with Bela Lugosi, In Old California (1942) with John Wayne and Mystery of the 13th Guest (1943), before her untimely death of cancer at the age of 35.