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Cat. #0031231: CESAR ROMERO

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Bold vintage blue fine-tip pen signature on a 4x6-inch pale green autograph album page, acquired in-person, probably in the 1950s or 1960s. In good condition and ideal for matting with a favorite photograph. Tall, suave Cesar Romero had two distinct onscreen personas:  To one generation, he was the fiery Latin lover of numerous musicals and romantic comedies; to another, the rogue bandit The Cisco Kid in a string of low-budget westerns, and cackling, villainous Joker on T.V.'s "Batman" (1966-1968), a role he reprised in the 1966 movie. His numerous contributions to the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery genres included The Shadow Laughs (1933), The Thin Man (1934), Public Enemy's Wife (1936), Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937), Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939), The Lady in Ermine (1948), Lost Continent (1951), The Jungle (1952), Scotland Yard Inspector (1952), Around the World in Eighty Days (1956), Two on a Guillotine (1965), Latitude Zero (1969), Target: Harry (1969), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972), The Haunted Mouth (1974), The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe (1974), The Strongest Man in the World (1975), and Judgment Day (1988).