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Uncommon vintage blue fountain pen signature on a 4.4 x 5.5-inch beige autograph album page, acquired in-person in 1941. In good condition and nice for matting with a favorite photograph. Imposing Austrian actor Joseph Schildkraut was a matinee idol during the silent era, memorable in Orphans of the Storm (1921) and King of Kings (1927). He graduated to more versatile roles during the talkie era, often as great men or merciless villains in historical epics. The star snagged an Oscar for The Life of Emile Zola (1937), and stood out in Show Boat (1929), Villa Villa  (1934), Cleopatra (1934), Marie Antoinette (1938), The Three Musketeers (1938), The Man in the Iron Mask (1939), The Shop Around the Corner (1940), The Tell-Tale Heart (1941), The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), and The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965). He also guest-starred on two classic episodes of "The Twilight Zone" (1961, 1962).