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Cat. #003221121111: LIZABETH SCOTT

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Alluring 8x10-inch color full-body swimsuit portrait in her prime, boldly signed in black felt-tip marker, probably in the 1990s. In good condition. Sultry Lizabeth Scott began her career as a model and stage actress, making her screen debut in 1945 at the hand of star-maker Hal Wallis. She went on to play alluring leads in a number of films through to the next decade, hyped by as the next Lauren Bacall or Veronica Lake, including The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946), Dead Reckoning (1947), Too Late for Tears (1949), and Elvis' Loving You (1957). There was speculation that Scott would marry Wallis, but this never occurred, and, amid accusations of her lesbianism, he dropped her option in 1957, effectively ending her movie career.