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Cat. #00322212: E.C. SEGAR

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Highly scarce typed 1938 letter, boldly signed by the legendary cartoonist and creator of Popeye, with content regarding his spinach-chomping brainchild: "I have your recent request for an autographed drawing of Popeye. And I greatly regret that I am forced to send this reply rather than the sketch. I recent [sic] spent several months in the hospital, and what with operations I am still unable to produce any more work than absolutely necessary to keep Popeye and his associates in the newspapers. I trust you will understand the situation and not judge me too severely in the matter. Best wishes, and, believe me, I am sincerely yours.”  Fine condition, with the expected mailing folds and his autograph given, as always, as a doodle of a cigar-- that is, a see-gar-- alongside his surname. Segar passed away just five months after this letter was mailed to the original collector.