Classic Entertainment Autographs

Cat. #00417: JOHN THAW

Rare signed 8x10-inch borderless black and white photo as Inspector Morse-- one of his best-loved roles-- boldly signed with his name alone in black ballpoint pen in the 1980s. In good condition. Forceful, intense English stage, television and film star John Thaw is remembered as Detective Inspector Jack Regan on television's "Sweeney" (1975-1978), and in the films Sweeney! (1977) and Sweeney 2 (1978);  the titular news reporter on "Mitch" (1984); the beloved gumshoe on "Inspector Morse" (1987-2000); and James Kavanagh on "James Kavanagh QC" (1995-2001). Sherlock Holmes fans will forever recall his knockout performance as timber-toed Jonathan Small, ably assisted by the hideous Aborigine Konga, in Grenada Television's The Sign of Four (1987), with Jeremy Brett in the role of the titular gumshoe.