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Cat. #00589: MARY WORONOV

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Rather uncommon signature in black marker on a 3x5-inch white card.  In mint condition and ideal for matting.  The cult B-movie actress has made countless contributions to the horror, sci-fi and fantasy genres, with key roles in Sugar Cookies (1973), Seizure (1974), Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974), Death Race 2000 (1975), Eating Raoul (1982), Angel of H.E.A.T. (1983), Heartbeeps (1981), Blood Theatre (1984), Night of the Comet (1984), Nomads (1986), TerrorVision (1986), Chopping Mall (1986), Warlock (1989), Watchers II (1990), Motorama (1991), Hellroller (1992), Here Come the Munsters (1995), Invisible Mom II (1999), The Vampire Hunters Club (2001), The New Woman (2001), The Halfway House (2004), Frog-g-g! (2004), I Pass for Human (2004), The Devil's Rejects (2005), and The House of the Devil (2009).